1. Am I really talking to famous historical figure?

Of course not, silly! The responses to your questions are generated by the artificial intelligence (AI) chat-bot called ChatGPT. The AI uses information it collected from all over the internet to guess how these historical Identity would have responded to your questions.

2. My guest's answers are wrong or misleading!

AI chat bots are a nascent technology and there are still some bugs to work out. If, at the end of the game, you find that any of your answers didn't make sense, hit 'em with a thumbs down in the panel to the right of the question. That won't impact your score, but it will improve the game going forward.

3. How do you decide what qualifies someone a “historical figure”?

Using this paper from the journal Nature which identifies people as “notable” based on the amount of information about them on Wikipedia (see “Measuring notability”). The guests that appear in this game are all among the most notable people identified in the paper, and they have all been dead for at least 40 years.

4. What is the “streak” in my game statistics?

That's the number of guests correctly identified in a row. You do not need to play a round on the day it comes out for it to count towards your streak.

5. Apparently my guest has “gone home for the day”. What does that mean?

Although playing Chronogram is free, the technology it employs to talk to people from the past (i.e. the Chat-GPT API) is not. Whilehttps://chronogram.chat finds its audience, the number of people that can play each day is limited so that running the site does not become too expensive for Trainwreck Labs. The cap on daily players will increase as time goes on.

If you didn't get a chance to play today, try again tomorrow! The guest will return refreshed from their rest in 7h 58m. In the meantime, try identifying other guests while they are still available!

6. Does Chronogram have a privacy policy?

Click this link to see Chronogram's privacy policy.

7. The "Enter" button doesn't work for some of my questions. Why is that?

There are some questions which trigger unreasonable responses from ChatGPT. Certain words and phrases aren't allowed to be asked to make sure that the responses you get always helpful without giving away the answer.